What is Acoustic Fabric Panel?

What is Acoustic Fabric Panel?

Acoustic fabric panel is one of the preferred insulation materials in sound insulation application. The fabric panel, which has a developed decorative appearance, has many models and color options. The fabric surfaces of the fabric panels are produced resistant to negative effects such as fading and burning.

Which Materials Are Used In Panel Construction?

The materials used in panel production are preferred from raw materials that are resistant to wear and fire. Fabric panels developed using sound insulation materials are produced using products such as glass wool, rock wool and sponge. The outer covering of the panels, ie the visible parts, can be prepared completely according to the customer’s request using materials such as fabric, wood or felt. The materials used are:

  • Rock wool: Rock wool, which has a density of about 95, is developed at the highest 110 density. Rock wool, which has a very dense structure, provides high insulation performance.
  • MDF Sponge: The insulation material prepared by making a fabric coating on the soft MSF sponge allows almost complete prevention of sound transmission.

Where Is Fabric Panel Used?

Fabric panel usage areas have a wide range. The fabric panel system, which is used in areas such as theaters and concert areas, where the sound should be transmitted to everywhere but at the same time desired to have a decoration appealing to the eye, is also preferred in places where it is desired to be completely isolated from the external environment such as meeting rooms. The system, which provides high efficiency in places such as music recording rooms and studios where the sound should not be reflected and eco problems should not be experienced, allows the sound to be absorbed and prevents echo formation.

The insulation system, which allows the sound to become plain and more understandable, also creates a good acoustic in places such as the congress hall where thousands of people gather at the same time. Fabric panel, which has a decorative feature and many color and pattern options, is also preferred in home insulation.

What are the Features of the Fabric Panel?

Among the features of the fabric panel, its durable structure stands out. The technical features of the fabric panel can be listed as follows:

  • Resistance to fire in class B s2 d0 according to UNE-EN 13501-1: 2007 standard,
  • An acoustic NRC value in the range of 90-0.95,
  • Thickness value ranging from 20 MM to 40 MM and prepared according to the user’s request,
  • Use of durable special fabric,
  • Joined or straight corner option, depending on the user’s request,
  • Size option that can be adjusted according to the size of the area to be used,
  • It has the feature of a plate coated using acoustic material with a density of 95 kg / m3.

Fabric panels produced using substances that are not harmful to health can be easily applied using special liquid-based adhesives. The insulation material, which also has varieties with self-adhesive properties, provides a more practical usage area. The insulation product, which is extremely strong in terms of sound insulation, also has a long-term durability. The product, which is produced using a fabric surface, does not ignite in the event of a fire with its heat-resistant structure.

What are the Types of Fabric Panel?

Fabric panel types can be designed using geometric shapes in the form of square, rectangular, triangular or honeycomb. The fabric panel, which can be prepared according to the user’s request, can also be prepared in a choreographic way by combining different geometric shapes. Fabric panels can be produced in desired sizes according to the area to be used. Panel production is based on customer demands.

Acoustic fabric panels, which have many colors and models, can be considered as a part of interior designs. The product, which is used in insulations made from outside visibly, is suitable for use in outdoor areas such as cafes and bars with its high sound absorption feature.

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