Acoustic Consulting

Acoustic products have great importance where they are applicable, ease of use, usability in terms of acoustic and sound disciplines technically. When the application areas are interpreted as architectural, design should be made according to these disciplines. While architectural acoustics examines the fields both technically and product-oriented, it controls the auditing of internal and external sound noises, as building and room acoustics. Room Acoustic is the acoustic branch that provides the most effective way that the volume to reach the listeners in terms of quality and quantity. These areas are mainly congress, conference and concert halls where auditory activity is of prime importance, and places such as theater, opera and cinema halls where visual activity is important.

ESK Acoustic provides acoustic consultancy services in the field of room acoustics in addition to the production of acoustic panels that it has experienced for many years. We plan our acoustic consultancy in accordance with the analysis, modeling, design and documentation steps. The main services that we provide with international standards are;

  • Acoustic Design and Modeling
  • Interior Architecture Design
  • Acoustic Measurements and Reports in Accordance with ISO, EN ve TS Standars
  • Room and Building Acoustics
  • System Details and Technical Specifications
  • Acoustic Project Design under LEED ve BREAAM Criteria
  • Bespoke Acoustic Product Design and Production

We perform the following measurements in terms of room acoustics, which is the most important element of our acoustic consultancy service, in accordance with today’s latest technologies and standards.

  • Reverberation Time – RT60
  • Speech Transmission Index – STI
  • Early Decay Time – EDT
  • Sound Pressure Level – SPL
  • Clarity and Definition (C80 and D50)