The Acoustic of Restaurants and Cafes

24 December 2018

Have you ever noticed the overwhelming noise while sitting in a cafe or a luxurious restaurant these last few years? Imagine taking your loved one on a romantic date, meeting up with friends who you haven’t seen for a while or having a business meeting while eating lunch. Are you really able to have a comfortable, calm and healthy chat with the person you are with, without having to raise your voice to outmatch that of the enormous crowd or all the horns from the cars on the road? Are you?

With the changes in structure came wooden tables, stone counters, high ceilings, and open kitchens, which all brought the noise with them. It is even known that a lot of restaurants go over the 85-decibel limit set by laws and regulations, thus resulting in negative effects on human health.

So, is it hard to get rid of this unwanted, unhealthy noise? Of course not! We are creating elegant and modern solutions with acoustic wooden panels, acoustic fabric panels and acoustic baffles to help balance the acoustic structure of the restaurants and cafes, solving the noise issues that disturbs customers every day.


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