Acoustic Reflector and Absorber Panels

21 September 2020

Panels that increase the sound quality in the environment by reducing the noise in indoor environments are determined according to the needs of the environment and sound performance criteria. The choice of absorber or reflector panels provides acoustic comfort by regulating sound with performances that absorb or reflect noise.

Absorber panels; that absorb sound in closed environments, it provides places to reach the ideal sound level with its feature. The absorber panels, which can eliminate sound problems such as echo problems, loudness, and clarity;  provide regulation on sound frequencies with ceiling or wall application.

Reflector panels are panels that reflect sound instead of absorbing it. It is especially preferred in areas such as amphitheaters, theatres and performance halls because it has a structure that focuses on the correct flow of sound. Reflector panels, which can be applied as wall or ceiling panels, eliminate sound problems such as reverberation in the environment while ensuring the correct flow of sound.