ESK Acoustic’s 10th Years

19 June 2020

ESK Acoustic is very happy to have served the market since 2010. We owe endless thanks to our partners, suppliers, employees, and customers who have walked with us on this path when we started as a young enterprise.

We have worked hard to do quality and good works since we were founded. We are very happy to do many good jobs without the limit with our export-based growth strategy.

It has always been our strategy to deliver our jobs on time and work discipline with the approach based on customer satisfaction.

In addition, we never stopped to offer the best to both ourselves and our customers, and we always wanted better. The secret of our success is that we always work hard.  As a result, all of our products are always ready for our customers as environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, high-quality standards.

Today Esk Acoustic is one of the best in Turkey with its international competence and certification approvals, which are increasingly preferred in the acoustic construction sector and this makes us very happy.

Endless thanks to everyone